Why ScotPlanet IT

ScotPlanet IT Services has a long tradition of helping businesses and organizations with their ever changing IT needs.

For smaller companies, keeping an IT staff on their payroll is expensive and cumbersome. For larger companies and organizations, IT staff often require outside help with projects. They regularly outsource certain IT tasks that take up too much of their valuable time and resources, such as systems audits, asset management, backup management, rollouts, deployments and other IT projects. ScotPlanet provides customized IT services to support your IT department and protect your infrastructure.

What makes ScotPlanet special, is that we are completely transparent in how we operate. We will tell you exactly what we do and how. We do not believe in bombarding you with complicated explanations full of technical jargon. We see ourselves as your IT service partner and want to keep you in the loop, through open communication and regular contact.

We build personal relationships with our clients and make sure to abide by their deadlines. We know how crucial those are for any business! Since we are multi-lingual, we are comfortable interacting in several languages with you and your IT staff .We believe in long-term relationships, and some of our clients have been with us for years.

IT problems do occur – which not only harm your business but can also overwhelm your staff. Contact us, and we will give you peace of mind by solving your IT problem remotely or on-site. We will explain the root cause and how best to prevent it from recurring. We give you honest advice based on years of experience and successful outcomes.

ScotPlanet Cloud Backup

ScotPlanet Cloud Backup creates a continuous real time backup of all your business data providing a flexible reliable and secure backup solution for servers, clients and network attached storage devices.

We use the highest standards of security to transfer your data to and from your own private cloud data store. Thanks to our military-grade encryption, your data is protected from cyber-attacks, unauthorized access, and theft.

This is the ultimate cloud backup solution for any business or organization, guaranteeing maximum efficiency as well as security.

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