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ScotPlanet IT Services

ScotPlanet IT Services has a long tradition of helping businesses and organizations with their ever changing IT needs.

We are experts at implementing new technologies, solutions and automated systems, including improving the functionality, stability and performance of a company’s IT infrastructure.

We provide IT consultancy to local and international companies. Our clients include governmental agencies, SMBs, start-ups, large retailers, accounting firms, software development companies, publishing houses, and entrepreneurs.



IT Consultancy
We can advise you on any aspect of your IT environment from hardware/software upgrades and rollouts to full scale infrastructure redesign and redeployment. We also provide IT risk assessments and security audits throughout your IT environment
IT Systems Support
Your IT infrastructure is the backbone of your business operations so it needs to be fully functional at all times. We provide a wide range of IT systems support to ensure your infrastructure continues to run smoothly and efficiently.


IT Infrastructure Management / Maintenance
We manage and maintain all aspects of your IT infrastructure environment. From daily maintenance tasks and operations, network monitoring and maintenance to disaster recovery and business continuity.
ScotPlanet Cloud Backup Service
Our highly popular Cloud Data Backup Service is the optimal way to store all your business data safely and securely. Stored in a secure private cloud data store, only designated users can access the business data. This is the ultimate cloud solution for your business, guaranteeing maximum efficiency as well as security.


IT Website Services
For all businesses big or small, having a website is essential. We advise you about the kind of website your business needs – its functionality, structure, and design. Our services include designing and building your website, as well as its management and maintenance. We also provide technical support to eliminate downtime as much as possible.


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It really is a pleasure using the services of ScotPlanet. They are not only technically gifted, but also have the people skills to go with it. ScotPlanet is always one step ahead in terms of finding solutions and provides a high quality of support

June 6, 2016

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